27 Maggio 2024
Our chemical products
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Chemical products for tannery

Makem offers a complete range of finishing chemicals:

from "compounds", acrylic polyurethane mixtures specially designed for bases and coverings with excellent mechanical and physical resistance in the glossy and matt versions, to finishing fixatives and water repellents both in aqueous and solvent phase but also a wide availability of various types of dyes: the “Pig Pel”, covering dyes based on pigments and binders in perfect synthesis;

the anilines of the "Makolor conc" series, highly concentrated liquid metal complex dyes designed to have a high resistance to migration to PVC and light fastness.

Most of the products are aimed at the final ennobling of the hides in drums: final touches on every type of leather including finished garments in general; washed, darkening, color reviving and softening effects, is what can be obtained by using the kemil system.
Our range also embraces the wet sector of tanning processing. In fact, for cleaning and degreasing, we have biodegradable solutions over 90% in a very short time that do not attack the grain of the leathers, have excellent emulsifiability of fats and may also contain solvents of strictly natural origin for more difficult degreasing.

Contact us, and we will be happy to help you respond to your needs.

Examples of finished products

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